Tricked Out: Teach Your Dog to Kiss

Love is in the air this month! And your pooch wants some smooches too! Here is an easy guide on how to train your dog to give you kisses for Valentine’s Day!

To see a step by step guide go to:


You will need treats or some peanut butter or cream cheese – which ever your pooch prefers!

1. Take some peanut butter/cream cheese and place a tiny bit on your cheek (or wherever you would like your dog to give you a kiss).

2. Give the command “kiss” or whichever command you choose to use.

3. Lean towards your dog and let him/her smooch away. He or she should be excited to lick the delicious peanut butter/cream cheese from your cheek. You can also give him a treat afterwards.

4. Practice this trick several times a day. Your dog will be giving you big wet puppy kisses in no time!



1. Some dogs may get over excited and will not know when to stop kissing! When you dog is smooching you, say “stop” or “enough.”  Wait for him or her to stop kissing you and then reward him/her for stopping with a treat. Do this each time you have your dog kiss you and he/she will also know when you have had enough! (Not that it’s possible!) 🙂


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