Events: Puppy Bowl XI


Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl is returning on Super Bowl Sunday (February 1, 2015)! Now in its 11th year, the puppies of the Puppy Bowl are ready to rock! For those of you who have never seen the Puppy Bowl or aren’t aware of what it is, Bark Baby Bark is here to explain!


The Puppy Bowl is an annual TV show that airs every Super Bowl Sunday. During the Puppy Bowl, a group of puppies go wild and frolic in a makeshift stadium with commentary on their dexterous puppy football moves.  And the best part – aside from adorable puppies everywhere? It’s for a good cause! All puppies that participate in the Puppy Bowl are from shelters all over the country.

Here are some rules: If a puppy drags a football to one end of the field – a puppy touchdown is declared. Puppies get “penalties”  if they relieve themselves on the field and timeouts are called when the water bowl needs to be refilled.

A veterinarian is always on site during the production to ensure safety and well-being as well as to administer medical care should anything happen during the production. Representatives from the ASPCA and the respective shelters are on site as well to ensure animal welfare standards are being met.

This year’s puppies hail from:

1. Barktown Rescue in Kentucky

2. Found a Hound Rescue in Illinois

3. Pets Alive in New York

4. AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport in Idaho

5. Bonnie’s Animal Rescue Kingdom in New Jersey

6. The Sato Project in Puerto Rico

7. Florida Little Dog Rescue in Florida

8. Operation Education Animal Rescue in Tennessee


For more information about the Puppy Bowl XI and about the puppy players themselves check out:


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