January is National Train Your Dog Month!

The new year is just beginning and people are already hard at work trying to keep their New Year’s resolutions. They’re excercising at the gym, working out with their dogs (see this month’s Dear Murphy), making a tighter budget, and swearing off reality TV. This January is also National Train Your Dog Month, so make a resolution to learn something new with your four-legged companion!

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) began their National Train Your Dog Month campaign in January 2010, hoping to raise awareness about the importance of proper pet training and healthy socialization to a dog’s well-being. So many dogs and puppies are adopted and purchased around the holidays and proper training could be the one thing that makes or breaks how well a pup assimilates with the family. Inexperienced owners, even with the best of intentions, often find themselves at wit’s end trying out an array of temporary fixes to help curb hyperactivity, yappiness, fearfulness and aggression. That’s what makes January the perfect month to remind pet parents, both new and experienced, to take the time to train their furry companions.

Check out the following websites for more information, tips, and resources:

National Dog Training Month Official Website

How to Choose a Dog Trainer

How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days (Sample Schedules)

The Humane Society Tips for Dog & Puppy Training


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