DIY Destination: Dog Waste Bag Holders with Treat Pockets

Picking up doggie waste is probably in the top of 5 of the least fun activities you participate in as a dog owner. Dog waste bag holders, tend to be, a necessary evil as well, so why not have a little fun with it and make a fashion statement while you’re at it? Poo Poo the average plastic holder and check out this nifty, DIY dog waste bag case with treat pocket:

Here’s what you’ll need for the project:

    •  1/4 yard of cotton fabric
    •  A roll of dog waste bags
    •  8″ narrow elastic (1/4″ wide is best)
    •  3″ velcro
    •  1 metal snap
    •  6″ ribbon
    •  matching thread
    •  scissors
    •  sewing machine or need and thread

1. Cut out a rectangle that is 6″x10″

2. Separate the velcro, and pin each piece 3″ from the edges, as shown above. Sew down the middle of each piece to attach.

3. Fold in half with right sides together. You should be able to feel the velcro in between the fabric running vertically. Sew a 2″ long seam running from the top edge partway down (to where the velcro starts). Place the seam 2″ from the fold on the right hand side. The velcro should be just to the right of the seam, so that when you open it up, it will form a small pocket with the velcro hidden on the inside.  Do the same at the bottom of the folded fabric.

4. Test out your pocket by sticking your fingers inside.

5. The velcro should wrap around your fingers.

6. Flip it back over and fold the top edge down (about one inch) and sew with a half inch seam allowance.
7. Do the same along the bottom edge. These will act as casing tubes for the elastic.
8. Now cut your elastic in half and insert one piece through the casing on the top. Sew along each end to keep it in place. Repeat the process along the bottom edge with the other piece of elastic.

9. Turn it inside out and sew from the top of the raw edge down the edge about 1″ (using a quarter inch seam allowance). Do the same on the bottom. This will leave a 1.5″ slit in between for the bags to be pulled through. Flip it right side out. Feel free to finish the slit with a hand sewn seam.

10.  Lastly, attach a metal snap to the ribbon forming a loop that is large enough to fit around your dog’s leash. Sew the other end of the ribbon to one end of the case. And that’s all, you’re finished!


Photo by Crafty Superstar

Stretch the elastic on one end and insert the roll of bags. Fill the pocket with treats and you’re ready for a walk.


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