Barkworthy: Sphero Robotic Ball Not Just for Human Kiddies :)

We are going futuristic with our first Barkworthy recommendation for 2015! The Sphero Robotic Ball connects via Bluetooth to your mobile device and can then be controlled by a number of apps available for download. Orbotix first introduced Sphero in 2011 but the newest version, Sphero 2.0, has techies all a twitter. Here are some specs and features of Sphero 2.0:
* It travels across flat floors at 2 meters per second.
* You can change the colour of the Sphero using the color wheel in the application interface.
* A decent battery life (for a robot toy) of around 1 hour. And it charges in 3-4 hours.
* Sphero 2.0 is super durable with an outer shell made of a high impact polycarbonate.

As Wired Magazine’s Christina Bonnington stated, “playing with Sphero is a lot like playing with an RC car, but with greater maneuverability and a lot more room for imagination. It’s not just a ball that you drive around. You can use it to play specially tailored games with the switch of an app.”
One of those apps happens to be specifically designed for dogs and cats!


Sphero also has accessories, such as the Nubby, that allow for endless amounts of fun with your dog in the water.  The price tag may seem a little steep for a dog toy, but for tech savvy pet owners, Sphero can be seen as the future of mobile gaming, for humans and dogs alike.


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