Get Outta Town: The Lake Placid Lodge

photo2It’s ski season – why not share the adventure with your dog?  We’ve done some in depth sleuthing to uncover some pet friendly (and pet service oriented) lodges, and first prize goes to The Lake Placid Lodge!  They are super dog friendly, they have a ton amenities, and the resort is closer to Manhattan than several others. Win Win!

There are many unique touches that showed the staff care not only about the human experience but also about the canine experience.  Also, snow or no snow, you can enjoy over 2,000 miles of trails surrounding the lodge. There are leash free, safe areas for the dogs to run free; now that’s something to wag about! 

There is turn down service for your dog, as well as homemade dog biscuits made by the executive chef, Truman Jones. Amazing! The lodge offers a special pet sitting service, and they’ve watched dogs from tiny Chihuahuas to Great Danes.  On the Yelp scale, The Lake Placid Lodge earned 4.5+ out of 5 stars overall for human and canine services.  They also recently were ranked as one of the top United States hideaways. 

When speaking with the front office manager, we immediately got a sense of friendly, professional, detail-oriented service.  If you’re considering a weekend getaway (with or without your dog) we recommend looking up The Lake Placid Lodge. 


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