DIY Destination: Winter Scarf for Dogs


Check out this great DIY Doggie Scarf to keep your dog’s neck fashionably cozy!


  • Scrap of Fleece
  • Collar for measuring
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread OR Sewing Machine
  • Trim (optional)
  1. Lay collar on fleece to determine the length of the scarf: you’ll want about a collar and a half
  2. Cut the width long enough to fold over (depends on the breed)
  3. Pin fabric in half longwise, right sides together and sew up the length of the scarf
  4. Sew one width side together
  5. Turn scarf inside out so right side of fleece is showing.
  6. Pin the closed end over to allow for width of scarf to fit through and sew together
  7. Sew a straight line across if you don’t want to use ribbon. Pull scarf through end to create a loop
  8. Slide onto your pup’s neck…and you’re done! Model at the park or on your next walk 🙂
  9. scarf3

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