Featured Articles: November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month


November is National Adopt a Senior Dog Month! Research and studies have shown that older pets are less likely to be adopted and end up spending more time in the shelter. It is known that the longer an animal stays in a shelter, the harder it becomes for them to get adopted.


There are countless reasons why you should adopt a wise, senior dog! Here are just a few:

  1. What you see is what you get. When you adopt an older dog, their personalities are developed so you know what you are going to be getting. Puppies’ personalities are developing and changing during the first few years of their life. By adopting a senior dog, there won’t be any personality changes or surprises.
  2. Older dogs are typically calmer. Worried about a rambunctious puppy? Concerned that their teething issues may cause them to get into objects they shouldn’t be going for? Don’t have enough time for training and potty-breaking a puppy or making sure they get enough exercise? Older dogs still need their exercise but their exercise needs are less time consuming and intensive. A walk on the bike path along the Hudson River will make your senior dog a happy, waggy canine! They enjoy the easy livin’ and would be perfectly content with lounging on the couch and watching the latest episode of Scandal with you.
  3. They are not a 24-7 job. Older dogs require less care and maintenance. They are typically house broken and will understand the basic rules of living in a house. They may have already lived in homes before and are more likely to settle in quicker.
  4. Older dogs need you! Older dogs are the last to get adopted and the first to get euthanized. By helping a senior dog spend the remainder of their golden years in a home, you are making an immense difference in his or her life!

If you’re not convinced yet, here are some links with more reasons why you should adopt a senior dog:





For a list of local shelters in the NYC area, check out our previous article from October: Barkworthy: October is Adopt-a-Dog Month!.



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