Dear Murphy: Being Safe on Thanksgiving

1118303.largeDear Murphy,

Thanksgiving is such an awesome holiday! There’s so much food and so many table scraps for me to scavenge! However, I want to be safe and not get sick, what foods am I allowed to eat?

Hungry Dog

Dear Hungry Dog,

I totally understand your issue. I love Thanksgiving myself! However, as much as we love scavenging, we also need to make sure we watch what we put in our mouths. The trusty ASPCA has an awesome guide on Thanksgiving Safety Tips. Check it out here: But here are a few tips from your trusty Murphy!

1. Please please please make sure when gobbling up some delicious, juicy turkey to check for any bones.

2. Mashed potatoes are A-Ok for us pooches! However, you may want to check with your owner or your super powerful nose and see if there are other ingredients that may be harmful. If there is cheese, sour cream, butter, onions and gravy in your mashed potatoes – you may want to skip the potatoes for now. Sorry pal!

3. Cranberry sauce is okay. Only in small  doses though and watch out for too much sugar – your waistline will certainly not appreciate this and you’ll want to be able to fit in your harness after dinner.

4. The following are a big NO-NO: Chocolate, alcohol, grapes, artificial sweeteners, onions and fatty foods.

5. Although aluminum and plastic wrap may look shiny and like a new fun toy – you should stay away from these things. They can cause severe intestinal obstructions.

6. Mac and Cheese is a thumbs up! If you are lactose intolerant – you may want to stay away. But plain macaroni is just fine for those of who have sensitive stomachs.


But enjoy what you can and have an awesome Thanksgiving scavenging for snacks under the table! I know that’s where you’ll be able to find me on Turkey Day! 🙂 Happy pickings!


For more information and tips on Thanksgiving safety, check out these sites:



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