Featured Article: GoPro, What is it?


By now you have probably witnessed one of Bark Baby Bark’s many awesome GoPro Videos! (If you haven’t, Daisy is disappointed and you need to check it out now!!! Videos can be seen on BBB’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCByVxhcaoEoTJDjq3rQtyYg).

But what is a GoPro? A GoPro Camera is a versatile high definition camera that can be used in many situations. It can capture photographs or videos. The GoPro camera was made famous by athletes who engaged in extreme sports (ie – skiing, skydiving, surfing…etc). The camera itself is compact, wearable, lightweight, has a waterproof case, and can be mounted in all sorts of places (ie – Moose’s back!) There are many accessories that allow the camera to weather all sorts of environments and conditions.  Athletes often mount these small cameras on their helmets so they can capture all the action right in front of them. Look ma – no hands! There are even harnesses that dogs can wear so we can see the world from their point of view! (Check out GoPro’s Fetch harness: http://gopro.com/news/capture-the-world-from-a-dogs-point-of-view-with-gopros-fetch)

We hope that you will enjoy our GoPro videos as much as we love making our Bark Baby Bark dogs into movie stars!

GoPro-HERO-3-Wi-Fi-Enabled HD-Camera-Black-Edition


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