DIY Destination: DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

If you are looking to conserve your money and don’t want to buy a costume or if you are just looking to hone your DIY skills – look no further! BBB is here with some DIY Halloween costume ideas for your pooch to help jump start that creative inspiration!

Hostess Cupcake Dog Costume

  1. Take a black shirt (the type of shirt depends on what you or your pooch prefer)
  2. Using fabric paint, paint swirls going down the shirt (make sure to put cardboard between the front and back of the shirt to keep it straight and prevent wrinkles).



Chick Magnet

  1. Take an old cardboard box and draw a magnet.
  2. Using a red poster board, trace the shape of the magnet, cut and paste it onto the cardboard box.
  3. Using a razor blade – cut out the shape of the magnet that you drew on the cardboard
  4. Use duct tape at the end of the magnet to create the magnetic ends of the magnet.
  5. Find a picture of a duck and then trace it – then cut out the duck shapes on yellow poster board.
  6. Glue the yellow ducks onto the “magnet”.
  7. Draw in the ducks’ eyes using a black marker.
  8. Use orange construction paper to create the bill and then glue this onto where the duck’s bill would be.
  9. Glue feathers onto the duck’s behind for a final extra touch!





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