Dear Murphy: Summer is Almost Over

Dear Murphy,
Now that summer is coming to a close I’m not able to take my furry pal to the beach anymore. What are some fun things in the city that I can do with my buddy?

Summer’s Almost Over



Dear Summer is Almost Over,
I agree – it is indeed very sad that summer is coming to an end. However – do not fret! Take it from me, the doggy mastermind of all that is fun, there are plenty of awesome fun things to do in the city and the surrounding areas! While it may be a bit chilly to go to the beach – that is still a possibility! But here are some other amazing things to do:

  • Head to Central Park for a little morning nosh. Central Park allows us furries to be off leash before 9 am in designated locations. It’s like a giant doggie fiesta!
    • Check out Bagel Barks on Saturday mornings from 7:30am – 9:00am in various locations in Central Park. Coffee and snacks for the humans are provided by Central Park Paws.
  • If you have crazy summer hair from all the sand, why not indulge in a little pampering at the Canine Country Club and Pet Spa? Just because humans get to be pampered at spas, doesn’t mean that doggies don’t too! Plus – while us fluffsters are getting primped and beautified, your human can browse the store for fun toys that are NYC-centric.
    •  Other services offered: dog training, doggy day care and dog walking.
  • Go Shopping! You can give a bark to your hood with an awesome NYC dog t-shirt! Just tell your human to go to and pick your favorite neighborhoods!
  • Check out Barking Dog Luncheonette: a pet friendly restaurant that actually allows your pooch inside to dine with you!
    • Located at 1678 3rd Avenue & 1453 York Ave.
  • There are tons and tons of hiking opportunities for you and your human. Just sit in the passenger seat while your human does the driving and take in the beautiful foliage by checking out some of Bark Baby Bark’s recommended getaways! (Check out our Get Outta Town! page for suggestions:
  • There are also a whole variety of dog runs to choose from if you feel like changing it up!  Here are some reccomendations: Sir William’s Dog Run in Fort Tryon Park, Chelsea Waterside Park located at West 23rd and West Side Highway. For more dog park suggestions check out: 


Bark bark,



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