Beach Bichons

dogbeachDear Murphy,

I want to take my dog to the beach to run and play in the waves. What should I bring besides a boogie board and leash?


Beach Bum


Dear Beach Bum,

Taking your dog to the beach can be such a fun experience for you both, but before you step your paws in the sand, here are some supplies to consider bringing:

  • Umbrella: An umbrella provides a nice shady area for your dog to get out of the sun’s heat and to take a break from all the fun in the sun.
  • Towel: You should have a towel for your dog to lay on when he’s resting from play so his paws have a break from the hot sand. You should also bring a towel to dry him off after playing in the waves.
  • Water: Fresh water is essential! Bring fresh water so your dog doesn’t get dehydrated and starts trying to drink ocean water. Make sure to call your dog back to you from time to time to drink fresh water so he is hydrated.
  • Tags: If your dog is playing on the beach off leash, make sure he is wearing his identification tags in case he strays too far away.
  • Toys: If there are no other dogs at the beach, it’s nice for your dog to have some toys to chase. It is also fun for both of you!



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