Doggy Claritin


Dear Murphy,

I think my dog has a bad nail biting habit! She is always biting her paws and they are starting to become discolored. Should I go to the vet? Is this something brought on by stress? HELP!


My dog is a nail biter



Dear My dog is a nail biter,

It sounds like your dog is suffering from some seasonal allergies (biting of the paws is a classic symptom and I know I bite mine when I get itchy). Allergies are very common during this time of year due to excess pollen in the air. You should reach out to your vet to see what treatment options you have. In the meantime, here is a great article that will better inform you about symptoms and different types of allergic reactions

Don’t worry, your dogs nail biting days are short lived! 🙂

Woof woof,




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