First Aid Kit (DIY)

firstaidInstead of rushing your dog to the vet for every scratch, here are some supplies that can help you treat your dog at home. You can keep the supplies in a soft case of your choice for easy transportation!




1. A dog First Aid book: We like The First Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats (Amy D. Shojai, Rodale, 2001). It’s a little hefty but it covers everything from allergic reactions to removing wax from fur.

2. Latex gloves: any brand will do.

3. Keep emergency contact numbers on hand: your vet, the closest animal emergency hospital, and the poison control hotline.

4. Tweezers (flat slant tip) and Scissors (dull ended), avoid pointed ends, they will do more damage than good.

5. Special tweezers for tick removal: These are designed to remove the embedded head, which, if left in, can lead to infection.

6. Cotton balls: any brand will do.

7. Gauze Pads: you’ll want  individual squares and a full gauze roll. Gauze is an effective wrap for wounds—because sticky bandages do not work well on dog fur/hair.

8. Disinfectant: such as Hibitane (chlorhexidine gluconate). Hibitane is an antiseptic skin cleansing agent that is commonly used as a disinfecting ingredient in wound cleansers and in the soaps that surgeons scrub with before surgery. Can be purchased on

9. Wound spray: Try Vetericyn – it helps clean and heal hot spots, bites, scratches, cuts, burns, ulcerated skin and more. Steroid and antibiotic-free. Can be purchased on

10. Saline solution: Can be used to clean wounds or flush sand out of eyes. Contact solution will work in a pinch.

For more supply ideas check out


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