Another Dog?

murphDear Murphy,

I feel that my dog would like to have a little brother or sister to play with. Should I start looking for another dog?


Not ready for kids yet


Dear Not Ready for Kids Yet,

Owning a dog is a big responsibility, are you ready for your second? Do you have the space? If you think the timing is good then start doing your research! Watch how your dog interacts with other dogs on leash and in the dog park. Does he/she have a preference of gender, age, size? Is your dog good with puppies? Are they possessive of toys or of your attention? Checking out local rescue organizations and reputable breeders is a great place to start.  Your best friend’s new best friend should bring out the BEST in them.
Happy trails and remember- your BBB Care Manager would love to help you find the right fit!

Bark Bark,



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