Doggie Leg Warmers (DIY)


Lets grab some hot cocoa and hit the lodge! Brrr…baby its still chilly out there!
Feeling crafty? Why not make your dog some retro leg warmers! They will  protect their legs from the weather elements (i.e. mud kick ups) and provide you with fun and silly pictures.
There are a few different options to make these 90s delights:
1) The easiest option is to take an old pair of socks and cut off the bottom part, done!
2) Second, you can take a scarf and cut it into 4 equal pieces, sew both open sides together to form tubes of fabric (you can add elastic on both ends to add extra support). 3) Finally as a third option (for our tiniest 4-legged friends) cut the fingers off an old glove and presto-leg warmer!


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